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The probate attorneys in our office adhere to our firm philosophy of "winning with dignity" in each probate case, with respect for clients planning for the future after they are gone and for their families who have to administer the estates of their loved ones.

Probate can be avoided best by proactive planning. If you are concerned with the cost of creating a will, consider that if you leave no will when you die, your survivors may be forced to spend more money going through probate. Further, they will have to deal with complicated legal and family issues during an already emotionally charged time.

Your Will, Your Way
At Alman & Alman, LLC, Attorneys at Law, we advise our clients that their will is more than just a piece of paper saying who gets what. Your will can be a powerful form of expression of how you wish to leave your legacy for those you are leaving behind. A will can express things that even the most articulate in life may not have the words to say. A will can say it all for you, with clear, uninterrupted clarity-with nothing lost in translation.

Everyone Should Have a Will
You are never too old or too young to plan for your family's collective future. Even if you have relatively few assets, a simple will can clearly state your wishes regarding their distribution. A living will or medical directive allows you to determine the kind of medical treatment, if any, that you wish to receive if you become terminally ill and lose consciousness.

Take care of your children and beneficiaries by establishing a testamentary trust, in which you name a trustee to oversee your estate's assets for your beneficiaries. A living trust can take effect while you, the trustor, are still alive, while a testamentary trust takes effect upon your death. If someone in your family will require specific care, give yourself peace of mind by establishing a special needs trust.

Trusts allow you many advantages that wills do not. For instance, certain trusts can help you minimize the tax implications of the administration of your estate. Others can help you avoid the costs associated with probate. Trusts also help you keep your assists private, allowing seamless administration and transfer of your assets while keeping them out of the prying eyes of the public.

Power of Attorney
Some decisions are best made by you, or your designated decider. Establishing a durable healthcare power of attorney will allow you to state who is authorized to make decisions regarding your health. A durable power of attorney can allow someone else to manage your financial affairs if you are unable to do so.

Probate and Estate Administration
When a family loses a loved one, the probate process begins. A lawyer familiar with the process is often an intelligent choice to help you settle the affairs of the estate. Our probate attorneys will assist with the will proof and in collecting all property and income in order to pay any remaining taxes, claims, or debts. Our probate services also include settling disputes, will contests, and distributing remaining property to heirs, including the transfer of titles.

Firm founder Elliott A. Alman is often invited to speak to professional and social groups about probate estate administration. For more than 25 years, Alman & Alman, LLC, Attorneys at Law has helped individuals and families in Gaithersburg, Maryland, with probate and estate administration.
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