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Comprehensive Counsel When a Marriage Dissolves

When a marriage ends, no part of your life remains unscathed. It can be difficult to know where to start the process of moving on. That’s why at Alman & Alman, LLC, we’re focused not only on the complex legal issues of each client but also their individual needs. We take the time with you to determine which method of divorce resolution works best for your unique situation.

Passionate, Professional and Experienced Attorneys

Our attorneys, with more than 40 combined years of courtroom experience, are always prepared to take your case to trial when that is the best option. However, litigation is not always the optimal way to resolve issues at the end of a marriage.  At trial, a judge makes a decision based only on the evidence presented at the trial.  The parties who are divorcing are often in the best position to make decisions about custody, child support and the division of marital property. Therefore, we utilize negotiation and mediation as part of our commitment to find the best result for you. We explore every available option and anticipate issues which may arise as part of your divorce, including:

  • Distribution of Marital Property — Maryland courts strive to equitably divide marital property. We work closely with our clients to achieve the best possible results.  This often involves detailed discovery, the exchange of documents, and depositions to ensure that the opposing party has identified all assets.
  • Alimony/Spousal Support — The Maryland Family Law Code includes specific factors for a Judge to consider in determining whether to award alimony and if so, the amount of alimony. Additionally, Courts in Maryland favor rehabilitative/temporary alimony as opposed to permanent alimony. Our attorneys are familiar with what a Court looks for in cases where alimony is at issue. We advise clients how to best proceed whether they are seeking alimony or where their spouse is requesting alimony.
  • Retirement Benefits — Any retirement or pension acquired during the marriage is considered marital property and is subject to equitable distribution. At Alman & Alman, LLC, we closely work with our clients so they understand their rights with regard to retirement benefits acquired during the marriage.
  • Divorce and the Military – Federal law governs the ability of the spouse of the member of the military to receive certain benefits available to members of the military. At Alman & Alman, LLC, we represent both active duty and retired members of the military and their spouses.
  • Domestic Violence and Protective Orders — Allegations of domestic violence may be part of a separation and divorce. Separate from a divorce case, individuals can file for a Protective Order or Peace Order if they have been the victim of domestic violence. We can assist with orders relating to domestic violence and protective orders.

Child Custody and Visitation Rights

Frequently, the most difficult and emotional aspect of a divorce is the establishment of child custody and visitation rights. Issues in custody cases include the following:

  • Best Interests of the Minor Child — When parties are unable to reach an agreement on custody, Courts in Maryland will apply the Best Interest of the Child standard in determining legal custody, physical custody and access and visitation. A Judge will consider numerous factors in determining what is in the best interests of a minor child.  At Alman & Alman, LLC, we work closely with our clients to place them in the best position to obtain the custody schedule they are seeking.
  • Legal Custody   In Maryland, Legal Custody (the right to make important decisions for a child) can be Joint Custody (shared decision-making by parents) or Sole Custody (one parent makes important decisions for a child).
  • Physical Custody — In Maryland, Physical Custody can be shared between parents or one parent can have primary physical custody.  There is no one-size-fits-all physical custody and access schedule.  At Alman & Alman, LLC, we work closely with our clients to assist in securing the access schedule they are seeking.
  • Parental Alienation — Unfortunately, occasions arise where one parent alienates the other and prevents a parent from exercising access with their child.  In these instances, we often filing appropriate pleadings in Court to enforce Court Orders and to file for Contempt of Court where a party refuses to abide by a Custody Order.
  • Child Support — In Maryland, the Court applies the Maryland Child Support Guidelines to calculate child support. There are a number of factors taken into account to calculate child support. At Alman & Alman, LLC, we advise our clients of likely child support outcomes and what factors are considered.  We also ensure that we obtain all necessary paperwork from opposing parties to calculate child support.
  • Modification of Custody and Child Support — Job changes, moves and other life events can drastically affect a child custody/support arrangement after it has been finalized. Upon a material change of circumstance, we can petition the court to modify a prior custody and/or child support order.

Children’s needs often change dramatically in a short time. In custody and visitation agreements, we account for these contingencies while remaining available to pursue modifications when the need arises.

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