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Nursing Discipline

Nurses are subject to investigations and disciplinary charges in relation to their nursing practice. The Maryland Nurse Practice Act governs the practice of nursing in the State of Maryland.

Nursing positions often involve long hours and demanding patients. Many nurses work at multiple jobs. When the Board of Nursing receives a complaint with regard to a nurse’s work, the Board will frequently send a letter of inquiry to the nurse requesting an explanation of what transpired.  The Board of Nursing will frequently schedule an interview with a nurse early in the process. It is important for a nurse to appear with their attorney at the interview.

Receipt of a letter of inquiry or disciplinary charges from the Board of Nursing is a serious matter. The Maryland Board of Nursing has the authority to impose severe disciplinary measures, including license revocation, suspension, probation, reprimands and other discipline. Disciplinary orders are generally placed online and are open to the general public. A disciplinary finding may also impact a nurse’s ability to find employment.

A letter from the Board of Nursing must not be taken lightly or ignored and should be treated with the utmost care and attention, even if a nurse has done nothing wrong. It is important to retain an attorney from the outset as the Board of Nursing places significant weight in the contents of a nurse’s response to an inquiry letter from the Board of Nursing.

At Alman & Alman, LLC, our attorneys work with nurses at all stages of the disciplinary process including assisting in responding to letters of inquiry from the Board of Nursing, appearing at investigatory meetings, reviewing records, appearing at Settlement Conferences, negotiating with the Board of Nursing and representation at hearings. We strive to provide individual attention to nurses who are investigated and/or charged with discipline to assist them in maintaining their licenses.