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A will is more than a piece of paper describing “who gets what.” It embodies one’s legacy and details how a person’s last wishes should be carried out, not only with respect to property, but also regarding custody and support of minor children. Everyone should have a will to ensure their wishes are met. Our attorneys are meticulous about drafting wills that leave no room for confusion or dispute about how and to whom a client’s assets are to be distributed. We frequently prepare the following documents with the wills:

  • Living Will — This document identifies a client’s wishes where two doctors determine that an individual is terminally ill and death is imminent, whether or not life-sustaining procedures are utilized. The person is indicating their desires regarding the end-of-life process.
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney — This document enables an individual to choose another person to make decisions concerning their healthcare in the event the individual is disabled and unable to express their own wishes